A Friendship

calvin and hobbes_true friends

I heard someone say the other day that, “If you want control in a friendship or any relationship, all you need to do is act like you care less than the other person.”


No! To be a true friend you always have to express your gratitude of the other person. If you choose not to express your feelings, that person in your life who may hold great value, will get tired of trying to make you express any of your emotions. Always be the friend who is willing to serve, sacrifice, and if need be suffer for someone who is special to you. One man sacrificed himself for his friends, and he changed the world.


A Swimmer’s (Unfinished) Story

As I was at work today, a story seemed to unfold right before my eyes that painted a vivid picture of motivation. 

A brother and a sister both swim for a swim team. The brother possesses a natural talent for swimming; yet, in spite of his talent, he rarely gives 100% in the team’s practices if he even attends them. Today, he chose not to participate in practice, even though he came to the practice facility with his mother and sister. With a push from his mother, he slowly walked to the side of the pool and started doing push-ups and sit-ups. All the while his eyes were locked on his mother as she engaged in a conversation with another swim parent. He immediately dropped to his knees and stopped doing push-ups. When he felt as if his mother was about to turn and look his way, he got right back to doing his exercises. To me, he illustrates the people in this world who have incredible potential for greatness which is left untapped, by their own laziness. Another component of this picture is that these people fail to see that with work, their already amazing skills and talents can reach new levels. The brother could become an even better swimmer than he is today if he only made the decision to be great!

On the other hand his sister has a different story to tell. She hasn’t had the best summer swim season since she doesn’t have the same skill level as her brother. Her mother also has pushed her with swimming, but she (the sister) takes it differently than the brother. She always participates in practices and frequently returns to the training facility with her mother in the afternoon to do extra work to improve her skills. Today, she participated in practice while her brother lazily did his exercises. When the sister would finish a lap she would glance up at her brother and stare for a few seconds. Then return to her swimming. After a short 5 minutes of exercises, her brother chose to take a seat back on the bleachers with his mother. 

The sister will become better than her brother; it is only a matter of time. Pure untapped talent can only take you to a minimal level of greatness which too many people are satisfied with. Those who chose to take what little talent they posses and put it to work, will become successful on a higher level with the patience to endure the trying times. 

Who Are You?

In this world there are three kinds of people…

  • people who talk about people
  • people who talk about things
  • people who talk about ideas

Who Are You?

Be the person who develops an idea. Again I say, develops. Constantly giving it new life and seeing it from different angles. Your idea will always reflect your passion. Whether it is teaching music or saving people from human trafficking. By doing this, YOU become an influence to those people who talk about things and other people! You are encouraging them to be inventive and discover their passion. 

Everyone has a passion. Will you be bold enough to breathe life into yours and birth an idea?

Who Are You Trying To Impress?

“Obviously, I’m not trying to win the approval of people… If pleasing people were my goal, I would not do things that make me different.” 

Being unique is your biggest asset. Seeing people become victim to severe peer pressure and cave in to have those people accept them as friends, breaks my heart because I know I was once in their shoes. 

Since I have matured, I realize that my desperate attempts to be accepted by friends, who are not even a part of my life today, strayed me off the path to my destiny. So as encouragement to all of you, especially the youngsters, be you.

Are You Really Preparing Yourself For Your Future?

Every one of us has a mental picture of what they want to become when we get older. Even when we were younger we dreamed, fantasized, and believed we would become race car drivers, astronauts, or even just like our Mom and Dad. But as always, things change. 

But sometime around my age, around 18, we begin to grasp an idea of our future identity. However, we often do things without our future in mind, which are often detrimental and fatal.  It is sad to say, but these small things, shape who we will become. I constantly ask myself the question of “Is it easy to do? Yes. Is it easy not to do? Yes.”  

The little things create the big picture. 

Always keep in mind whatever you do today will ultimately shape who you will become. So today, choose your future! Do the things that will create the “you” you want to become!

Daily Inspiration

This is a quote that I wanted to share that gives me daily encouragement in my faith and in my training. 

“No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening- it’s painful! But afterward tree will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way. So take a new grip with your tired hands and strengthen your weak knees. Mark out a straight path for your feet so that those who are weak and lame will not fail but become strong.”

Perseverance has become one of the lost qualities in society. Hearing these words inside my head everyday remind me to keep pushing and stay strong. 

Truly Blessed


Competing this weekend was truly an eye opening experience for me. In retrospect a quote from Jim Rohn comes to mind.

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

Hard work always pays off. Thank you to everyone who helped me prepare for this upcoming tournament season. You are helping shape myself and others into the best that they can become!